Service Strategy

Together with our client we have designed a market turnaround strategy  which helped to achieve 15% revenue growth within 6 months.


We have designed the Education sector digital service transformation roadmap. The transformation would significantly improve student and teacher accessibility through school technology standards, e-content management, community engagement as well as keep business continuity in the event of a disaster such as COVID-19.


We helped our client to design a long term strategy and transformation roadmap aiming to decrease shadow economy level by 50% in the 7 years. This to be achieved through transparency, competence development, process excellence, technology and improved self-awareness of the taxpayers.

Tax and Revenue

Service Design

Together with our client we have (re)designed grants and allowance service scheme increasing self-service e-channel use by more than 4 times and customer lead time reduction by more than 50%.


We have (re)designed a core service for our client which helped to eliminate over 50% of process waste both at the service provider and customer side. This was achieved through the full process automation and service add-on within the same price level for customers.


Performance Excellence

We have designed analytics as a service (AssS) technology requirements for school network optimization and education quality monitoring system. The system is aimed to improve analytical capacity at municipal level and build a unified integrated approach for education system monitoring across municipalities.


We are in progress of building service performance excellence monitoring system for the healthcare sector of the country. The system will aim to support significant improvement of the society healthcare outcomes through optimized hospital network, focused investment programmes and patient centric service design.


Delivery Compliance

Along with our legal partners we have prepared Payment institution and Electronic Money license applications for several of our clients. The delivery was done with a primary focus to business plan, products and market scoping, IT architecture and security.


Along with our legal partners we have developed an enterprise-wide risk assessment tool for our client in accordance to the requirements of the Supervisory authority. Also we have assisted our client during the self-assessment process.


We have developed a transaction monitoring tool for our client in accordance with the requirements of Supervisory authority and performed a pilot transaction screening resulting in over 30% increase in transaction monitoring capacity.



Following the leading industry practice and EU anti-money laundering and terrorist financing risk assessment, we have developed a stand-alone enterprise-wide AML, CTF and sanctions risk self-assessment tool for financial institutions (banks, electronic money and payment institutions, etc.). The product is launched as the out-of-the-shelf solution under the name GERAS (Gooliver Enterprise Risk Assessment Solutions), which is available online for instant download. Few of our clients have adopted and operationalised the tool for self-assessment purpose, which has been reviewed by the Supervisory authority with positive feedback.