Good guests know when to leave

Large projects are like brain marathons both for the client and professional service firms. Client has the challenge to overcome and knows the business well. Consultant has a sharp skill set, wide viewing angle and ability to perform in uncertainty. Perfect match one would say, however. Professionals in stylish outfits, heavy brains and mind-blowing stories about other projects seem to have answers to all problems. There is spot in any project to realize every professional is a human being and the Firm has delivered its best already. Consultants and businesses are advised not to pass it, so that the perfect match ends up at the highest emotional and client value-added point.

Discovery. Professional team delivers 70-80% of its value and know-how during a discovery phase of the project while the client team is at the highest level of acceptance and enthusiasm. It is usually 10-12 weeks sprint (depending on the project, industry, complexity and how intense the project is) with the peak of energy, creativity and willingness to climb the hill.

Accomodation. The remaining 30-20% of the value shall be focused to pilot the new service or any other output of the project, yet to empower internal teams to continue with project and business goals. This helps to maximize the return on investment in external services and builds a sense of accomplishment among employees of organization. It is quite often organizations fail to recognize the importance of such transfer of an ownership, which ultimately leads to the disappointment and excessive attachment to the provider.

Disappointment. Value of the professional service firm during the disappointment stage is negative. The longer is lasts, the worse the memories. Purpose of any service professional is to help the client to discover the way in uncertainty, sprint together to prove targets are achievable, yet leave the team to rejoice in their own victory.

Good guests know what is the right time to leave. At Gooliver we do not engage in marathon type of projects with our clients and strongly advise any management to avoid those. By being honored guests in any client business, we do our best to pass the knowledge and creativity we have during the discovery sprint and leave our legacy with the proven MVPs in the course of accommodation. Co-creation with the client team scatters shadows of uncertainty and builds up an internal strength and courage to continue on its own.

Discover in sprint, empower internal teams in accommodation and leave. And you will likely to receive an invitation to the next event happening.