The magic of two

With increasing scope of gig economy and on-demand expertise, the one-way project delivery model is outdated and no longer serves business needs in the long run. Co-creation model works best for projects that require high degree of creativity and „the unknown“ is present (e.g. service strategy or service design). There are two types of professional service delivery models:

One way (or traditional) project delivery. The team of consultants analyse the inputs given by the client with the aim to provide expertise and a set of recommendations on the matter at hand.

Co-created project outputs. Integrated teams of external experts and client’s employees work together to deliver outstanding business results as one team.

At Gooliver we apply co-creation model which proved to be challenging but rewarding: 1. Being part of the team creates high sense of ownership and increases client engagement from Day 1; 2. High buy-in ensures results are implemented after project has ended; 3. Client feels more control of the deliveries and has more trust in the process; 4. Different perspectives help to unleash overall team’s creativity; 5. Even though the set-up might seem awkward at first, the client usually is pleased with the process and business results.

Co-creation model works with a team of any size and background. We applied the model with a small-to-medium size municipality to design their service proposition. High team engagement and sense of ownership proved to be very successful – our client started piloting the recommendations before the project was even over.

Enjoy co-creating, learn and discover “the unknown”!